jeudi 6 avril 2017

Luv' Next Live Performances

List updated on February 25th, 2018:

* March 25th, 2018: Fashion show Grote Markt (in association with DC Models) at 4.00 pm in Goes, Netherlands. 

* TBA: June 23rd, 2018: Havendagen Terneuzen at 11.30 pm in Terneuzen, Netherlands Link:

* TBA: August 13th, 2018: Wieringerwerf Kermis at 6.00 pm in Wieringerwerf, Netherlands

* TBA: September 1st, 2018: 6de Nacht van de Sterren at 11.10 pm at the GC De Bunder in Moorslede, Belgium 

September 15th, 2018: "Artiestengala Landsmeer" at the Sporthal ICL, 11.00 pm - 11.30 pm in Landsmeer, NL
* November 14th, 2018: Ein schöner Tag at 4.30 pm at Dorf Münsterland in Legden, Germany 

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