mercredi 13 décembre 2017

Patty's column about "Helemaal het eeinde!"

The Van Kooij family,  the Van Wichen family and the Pos family: the participants in "Helemaal het eeinde!"

Patty Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with RTL 4's reality show "Helemaal het einde!". The diva is a fan of this TV program which features three Dutch families that left the Netherlands to live in La Sirena, Chile. 

Click here to read the column. 

Source: Weekend

mardi 12 décembre 2017

Patty Brard's latest columns: Marrakech & Christmas 2017

Here are Patty's latest columns for Weekend magazine:

  • November 29th: about Marrakech: click here to read it. 

  • December 6th: about Christmas which is the right period for reflection. The diva is happy with what happened to her in 2017. Click here to read the column. 

Patty's Christmas tree in her house in Ibiza

The former Luv' singer regrets that she is not hosting SBS 6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws" anymore but after 10 years she can go to bed earlier. Her move to Ibiza was also an important moment of this year. She announces that her house in Amstelveen will be put up for sale or rent again. Patty is looking for an apartment that she can use anytime she goes back to Holland for her sporadic media activities. Recently, she has recorded a new Carnival song with Roy Donders and several TV performances are scheduled for early 2018. 

Source: Weekend 

dimanche 10 décembre 2017

Ria's dinner with friends

On November 29th, Luv' singer Ria Thielsch and friends (Hannie Scheide (Marga's sister), Peter Broos (aka Marga of drag act "RisQué") and Gerrit Rigter) were invited to a dinner prepared by Silvia Moos

Silvia cooked "Stamppot" (a traditional Dutch dish). Her house looked very Christmassy with the tree and the decorations. The guests spent a nice moment together.  

Pictures of the meal (source: Ria, Silvia & Peter):

Source: Facebook

samedi 9 décembre 2017

RADIO 2 - 1000 KLASSIEKERS: Vote for Luv' & José!

Flemish Radio 2 station has asked its listeners to vote for the 1000 greatest pop classics of all time. Four Luv' songs ("U.O.Me", "You're the Greatest Lover", "Trojan Horse" and "Casanova") as well as José Hoebee's I Will Follow Him have been preselected. 

Click here to vote until December 17th.

Source: Radio 2

vendredi 8 décembre 2017

José & Marga at the memorial service for Nelleke Koen

Photo by Ger Lammens

Two days ago, an emotional memorial service for Dutch TV producer Nelleke Koen was held at Studio 31 in Hilversum, NL and attended by family, friends and colleagues (including José Hoebee and her son Tim, Marga Scheide and her partner Michiel, Luv's personal assistant David Hay Gibson as well as media personality Ger Lammens). 

Nelleke's death was announced last weekend (see news posted on December 3rd, 2017). José and she were very close. The Luv' singer expressed her emotions on her Facebook page. 

Source: Facebook

José in "Party": "Nothing or no-one spoils my good mood"

The latest issue of Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Party" features an interview with José Hoebee (illustrated with a beautiful photo taken by Chris van de Vooren). The singer tells that she is in a good mood. She discusses several subjects (her shopping habits, Christmas and New Year's Eve, Luv'....). 

"We still have fun with Luv'. Marga Scheide, Ria Thielsch and I have been busy for one year and a half. We have good shows booked by the talent agency "Jan Vis". We are often on the road together and we receive nice reactions," José says. 

Scan by José Hoebee's Fan page (Facebook):

Click on the image to enlarge it

Scan by Jos Theuns

Source: Party, Facebook

Luv' & friends on Radio 10 Top 4000

Dutch station Radio 10 has revealed the list of the "4000 greatest songs of all time". The Luv' ladies have scored three hits: "You're the Greatest Lover" (#1538), "U.O.Me" (#949) and "Trojan Horse" (#755).  These pop classics were initially released in 1978 (the year of Luv's breakthrough) and produced by Hans van Hemert (assisted by Piet Souer).

Other acts associated with Luv' appear on the Top 4000:
  • "Hair" by Zen (1969) - produced by Van Hemert: #1268
  • "Why Tell Me Why" by Anita Meyer (1981) - written by Piet Souer, Martin Duiser and Gregory Elias: #279 
Will Hoebee (José's late husband) has four of his productions on the list:
  • "Malle Babbe" by Rob de Nijs (1975): #399
  • "Het werd zomer" by Rob de Nijs (1977): #408
  • "Even aan mijn moeder vragen" by Bloem (1980): #566
  • "Waarom Fluister ik je naam nog" by Benny Neyman (1985): #1274
Recently, I've become the Facebook friend of Jasper Koopman, son of the late and talented record producer and songwriter Pim Koopman. Jasper pays tribute to the music of his father on this website:

In the 1980s, Pim collaborated with José Hoebee on her early solo releases ("I'm So Sorry", "I Will Follow Him", "Secret Love", "The Good Times"...). Back in the days, he was a sought-after producer and musician. The Top 4000 features several of his productions:

  • "Sausolito Summernight" by Diesel (1980): #370
  • "Rosalyn" by Vitesse (1982): #491
  • "The Eyes of Jenny" by Sandy Coast (1981): #667
  • "Late At Night" by Maywood (1980): #1147
  • "Rio" by Maywood (1981): #1206
  • "I'm Specialized In You" by Time Bandits (1983): #2379
  • "Listen To The Man With The Golden Voice" by Time Bandits (1983): #2483
Click here to see the complete list.

Source: Radio 10