dimanche 14 janvier 2018

Pics and videos: 20th anniversary party of RisQué

November 26th, 2017 saw the 20th-anniversary show of Drag act "RisQué" (formerly known as "Luv' Unlimited" (Luv's lookalike act) at 'T Prikkewater Packhuys Partycentrum in Vlaardingen, NL. Among the persons who attended the performance were Hannie Scheide (Marga's sister) and Silvia Moos. The Luv' ladies were invited but could not come because one day prior to this event they gave a flamboyant show in Groningen late at night (see news posted on November 26th, 2017). 

Hannie Scheide, Peter (Kylie) & Silvia Moos

The current members of RisQué are Kylie (Peter Broos), Sabrina (Wil van der Schoor) and Kim (Monique de Rooij). They performed a repertoire including classic hits from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s (Baccara, Luv', Doris D and the Pins, Risqué, K3, Samantha Fox, Sabrina, Centerfold, Three Degrees....). 

RisQué performing Luv's Trojan Horse (Matt Pop 2015 remix)

RisQué performing Luv's You're the Greatest Lover

RisQué performing Anny & José's Be My Baby

RisQué performing Luv's Welcome To My Party

There has been a strong link between RisQué/Luv' Unlimited and Luv' for years.  The two trios appeared together on several occasions. 

Luv' Unlimited with José Hoebee and Ria Thielsch at Luv's first fan club meeting in April 2003 in Breda, NL

RisQué/Luv' Unlimited was the surprise act at Luv's 40th-anniversary party in Best last summer (see news posted on July 9th, 2017). 

RisQué website: http://www.risquedragshow.nl/

RisQué can be booked for shows via Dutch talent agency Twilight Entertainmenthttps://twilight-entertainment.nl/risque-dragact-boeken

Source: Facebook, YouTube

Luv' to perform at the Artiestengala Landsmeer

Luv' will be performing at the Artiestengala Landsmeer at the Sporthal ICL in Landsmeer, NL on September 15th, 2018 between 11.00 pm and 11.30 pm. The ladies will share the stage with other artists (including Dries and Dave Roelvink and Mick Harren). 

Ticket price: €35, extra €1 (reservation costs)
See flyer above to know the pre-sale addresses. 

Patty's column about bad language

Patty Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with bad language. The diva mentions several Dutch rappers (Boef, Baas B and Yes-Rwho curse in their songs. Recently she was shocked when she heard a rapper using foul language as he spoke to a steward in a plane and when she witnessed a young mother calling her children "pigs" in public. 

Click here to read the column.

The ex-Luv' singer takes fright at swearing but she seems to forget that in the 2000s she had an awful public image. She didn't use poetry on her reality shows "Patty's Posse" and "Patty's Fort". In late 2004, she called José Hoebee a "whore" on Robert Jensen's talk show on RTL 5Her rap battle against Katja Schuurman on BNN's program "Katja Vs de Restin 2006 included dirty talk. It's the pot calling the kettle black!

Source: Weekend

Patty Brard on Tattoo Trippers

Patty Brard is taking part in "Tattoo Trippers", a TV program on Veronica featuring Dutch celebrities who travel to a foreign country in order to be tattooed. 

The diva and Dutch actress Eva van de Wijdeven went to Morroco to have a tattoo. Earlier this week Patty posted several pictures on social media:

Patty, Eva and the team of Tattoo Trippers

Another photo of the ladies posing with the managers of "La Porte d'Or" (a shop in Marrakesh) was posted on Twitter:

Apart from Holland and Ibiza, La Brard loves Morroco. The former Luv' singer expressed her love for Marrakech in a recent column for Weekend magazine (see news posted on December 12th, 2017). 

Since her departure from SBS 6 in September, Patty has been involved in one-off TV projects: "Chantal Blijft Slapen" (with Chantal Janzen) broadcast on November 9th on RTL 4, "Oh, Wat Een Jaar!" (hosted by Linda de Mol and broadcast on December 2nd on RTL 4), "Celebrity City Trip" (with Dave Roelvink) broadcast on December 19th on RTL 5 and "Vier Handen Op Eén Buik" that will air on January 23rd at 8.30 p.m on BNNVARA/NPO 3.  

Source: Televizier, Patty Brard on social media

jeudi 11 janvier 2018

Roy Donders & Patty Brard's new Carnival duet "We Zullen De Laatsten Zijn"

Yesterday Dutch label Berk Music announced the release of Roy Donders & Patty Brard's new Carnival duet "We Zullen De Laatsten Zijn". 

Here's the official music video for the single posted on YouTube:

Download via iTunes -  http://bit.ly/iTunesDeLaatsten

Several Dutch news websites (including  BN DeStem, Brabants Dagblad, Omroep Brabant and RTL Boulevard) have mentioned this new song.

Last year, Roy and Patty put out a previous Carnival track ("Wat zijn ze lekker") which was voted "Holland's best Carnival hit of 2017" by the listeners of Dutch radio station Puur NL (see news posted on February 24th, 2017). 

Source: Berk Music, iTunes, YouTube, BN DeStem, Brabants Dagblad, Omroep Brabant, and RTL Boulevard

Behind-the-scenes interview with José, Marga, Michiel and Stany in "ABBA Intermezzo Fan Club Magazine"

The latest issue o"ABBA Intermezzo Fan Club Magazine" features a behind-the-scenes interview with the Luv' singers José Hoebee and Marga Scheide as well as Marga's partner Michiel Gunning and Flemish author Stany Van Wijmeersch. In 2016, Luv' took part in the release party of Stany's book "We all love ABBAat the Harbour Club in Amsterdam (see news posted on May 27th, 2016). Stany interviewed José, Marga and Michiel for his publication. 

Several subjects were discussed (including the photonovel (featuring the Luv' ladies and Michielwhich appeared in Stany's book and the links of Michiel and the members of ABBA (especially Agnetha).

The influence of ABBA's music on Luv's sound is major (see article posted on July 18th, 2016). Moreover, José teamed up in the 1980s with Bonnie St. Claire to record cover versions of ABBA songs in Dutch (including the Top 40 hits "Cassandra" and "Zoals Vrienden Doen" (The Way Old Friends Do).  In March 1985, TROS channel broadcast the TV musical "ABBAcadabra" based on the songs of the legendary Swedish band. The show starred several Dutch celebrities including Bonnie & José as well as Marga

Karin Angeleyes (a common Facebook friend of José, Stany and me) has also been mentioned in the Intermezzo magazine. She launched a Facebook page to support to reissue of Bonnie & José's album "Herinnering" on CD and to cover any news about this iconic LP:  https://www.facebook.com/HerinneringAlbum/

When asked what were the future plans of Luv', Marga answered: "The bookings for LUV' keep pouring in, many of them already for 2018! Personally, that means clever planning, because Michiel and I spend as much time as possible in our house in Ibiza. We were pretty close with a serious project in Miami, but unfortunately that had to be put on hold, due to the sudden very serious health problems from the initiator's wife. Obviously, the most important thing is that she will recover completely. Meanwhile, we are busy enough as it is in the Netherlands and Belgium, while Germany is knocking on our door, so there is no time to get bored!". 

Website of ABBA Intermezzo Fan Clubhttp://www.abba-intermezzo.de/ehome.htm

Source: Karin Angeleyes, ABBA Intermezzo

mardi 9 janvier 2018

Luv' to be booked in Flanders (Belgium) by Koen De Smet Theaterbureau

Teamwork is very important for any artist. 

Luv' can count on two effective talent agencies for their concert bookings.

In the Netherlands, the ladies have an exclusive contract with Jan Vis Muziek en Showbureau (see news posted on October 31st, 2017). 

Link: http://www.janvis.nl/artiest/luv/

In Flanders (Belgium), the trio collaborates with Koen de Smet Theaterbureau which arranged their latest performances (see previous post). 

Link: http://www.koendesmet.be/site/?page_id=1352 

Luv's next live show is scheduled for February 24th at the "4de Lokers Schlagerfestival" at the Zaal Sporting Lokeren in Belgium (click here for info). 

Luv' & Koen De Smet (backstage at "Kerstdorp met ijspiste - Lebbeke wintert" on January 6th

Source: Facebook