mercredi 20 septembre 2017

Vote for Luv' and José on Joe's Top 2000

Flemish radio station "Joe" has asked its listeners to vote for the "2000 greatest songs of all time". "You're the Greatest Lover" (1978), "Trojan Horse" (1978), "Casanova" (1979), "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe" (1979) and "Ann-Maria" (1980) by Luv' as well as "I Will Follow Him" (1982) by José Hoebee have been preselected.

You can choose ten songs. The results will be announced on October 2nd. 

Click here to vote.


De Emoji Film (feat. Patty Brard): latest box office results

Here are the latest box office results of "De Emoji Film" (the Dutch version of the 3D computer-animated comedy film "The Emoji Movie" featuring Patty Brard as a voice actress):

Position on the Box office Top 20 (Weekend  edition - from September 14th to September 17th, 2017): #7
Weeks on the Top 20: 6
Box office to date: € 2.408.099


Patty's column about Shane Kluivert

Shane & Patrick Kluivert

Patty Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with Shane Kluivert who will celebrate his tenth birthday on September 24th. Following in the footsteps of his famous father - Netherlands and Barcelona legend Patrick - and brother - exciting 18-year-old Ajax prospect Justin - Shane Kluivert is now the third member of the Kluivert dynasty to make a name for himself.

In July, Shane signed a contract with sportswear giant Nike The social media savvy nine-year-old also has his own Instagram account (which already has 165,000 followers) as well as a YouTube channel. Recently, the promising kid joined FC Barcelona Alevin – the club’s Under-11s. 

Click here to read the column.

Source: Weekend

Patty in LINDA.

The latest issue of Dutch women's magazine "LINDA." features an interview with Patty Brard. The diva discussed her farewell to SBS 6 and her lack of communication with her daughter. 

Recently, she left SBS 6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws" (see news posted on September 1st, 2017) though her editor-in-chief wanted to keep her for two more years. 

"I would have continued of course," she told journalist Antoinette Scheulderman. But the director of SBS Broadcasting Netherlands refused this idea. "She asked me if I wanted to present "Hart in Aktie". I thought it was great. I was made to host this program," Patty explained. The SBS director made a cruel remark to the ex-Luv' singer: "With all due respect, Patty, we need someone fresher and fruitier than you to do it". La Brard felt offended. 

She also talked about her daughter and her sister with whom she is not on speaking terms. "It's unpleasant: every child likes me except my daughter Priscilla," she said. That's why Patty looks forward to her future in Ibiza. 

Source: LINDA. 

lundi 18 septembre 2017

35th anniversary of "Secret Love" by José!!!

Photo by Govert de Roos - thanks Co Rnz and Jos Theuns

35 years ago exactly, "Secret Love" by José Hoebee entered the Dutch Top 40 at #24 and later became a hit single in the Netherlands and Belgium. 1982 was a fabulous year in the solo career of José. One year after Luv's break-up, the singer scored a #1 hit with her cover version of "I Will Follow Him" (see article posted on July 2nd, 2017). The follow-up single "Secret Love" was also popular. José's recipe for success was to perform American classic hits from the 1950s and 1960s. Indeed, the artist was nicknamed "the cover queen".

Song History

Secret Love was a song originally performed by Doris Day in the film "Calamity Jane" in 1953. The track was written by Sammy Fain and Paul Francis Webster. It received an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1954. It reached the number one spot on both the Billboard and Cash Box charts in the USA. The record was also a chart topper in the UK. Many international recording artists (including Connie Francis, Kim Weston & Marvin Gaye, Freddy Fender, George Michael, Viola Wills, Mandy Moore, Engelbert Humperdinck and K.d Lang) covered the song. 

Release and production

Secret Love was released as a 7-inch 45 rpm record by CNR/Carrere Records in September 1982 with the country track "Mr Jones" on the B-side. It was later included on José's first solo album "The Good Times" that came out in late 1982 and on her compilation "Alle Hits & Unieke Bonustracks" (released by WVS Music in 2005). 

Pim Koopman (formerly of Dutch band Kayak and producer of the iconic sister duo "Maywood") supervised the recording sessions of the song. British singer July Forsyth (member of "Guys 'n Dolls" between 1974 and 1985) recorded the backing vocals. Renowned photographer Govert de Roos took a beautiful picture of José for the front cover of the single. 


  • A side: Secret Love ( Webster, Fain) - 3:04
  • B side: Mr. Jones (W. Helmus) - 3:06

Produced by Pim Koopman for  Purple Eye Productions B.V.
Marketed and distributed by  B.V. Grammofoonplatenmaatschappij CNR
Management: Interlinde Management
Photography by  Govert de Roos

Styling: Stinx - Hilversum - Amsterdam

Recently I asked José to tell me her feelings about ton this classic hit. "After "I Will Follow Him", I was named the "cover queen"...I've always been a fan of Doris Day...My husband, who came up with the idea of recording "I Will Follow Him", thought that "Secret Love" would fit me like a glove. Record producer Pim Koopman chose an uptempo dance-pop orchestration and it worked. I remember performing the song on Tineke de Nooij's show on TV. American actor Howard Keel was a guest on this program. He co-starred with Doris Day in the movie "Calamity Jane" that included "Secret Love". He talked to me very gently," the songstress told. 

Secret Love is always part of José's solo performances to this day. 

Record promotion of Secret Love in the media

José performed the track on several Dutch TV shows:

September 15th, 1982: Nederland Muziekland (Veronica)

September 24th, 1982: Met de TROS de winter door (TROS)

José on "Met de TROS de winter in" - Montage by Co Rnz

October 4th, 1982: Tineke Show (Veronica) 

José on "Tineke Show"

She even performed the song live on NCRV radio program "Los Vast" on October 2nd, 1982.

The youth and musical press (including Hitkrant) published articles about José's single. 

Chart performance

José's version of Secret Love entered the Dutch singles chart on September 18th, 1982 at #24

 Dutch Top 40 published on September 18th, 1982

The hit single later peaked at #11 on the Dutch Top 40 and #14 on the Nationale Hitparade in Holland as well as on #3 on the BRT Top 30 and #4 on the Flemish Ultratop 50 in Belgium. It even reached #19 on the Europarade (a list combining the charts of ten European countries).

To know more about José's first solo releases, please visit Karin's Facebook Page about "The Good Times" era (1982-1983)

Thanks José, Co Rnz, Karin Angeleyes and Jos Theuns for marking this article possible!!!

Photo by Govert de Roos - Montage by Co Rnz

Source: Wikipedia,, Dutchcharts, Facebook

Bibliography: Top 40 Hitdossier 1956-2005 (9e editie), 2006 by Johan van Slooten published by Gottmer Becht GroepTop 40 Hitdossier 1956-2005 (9e editie), 2006 

dimanche 17 septembre 2017

Pics and videos: Luv' @ Back to 538

Yesterday, the Luv' ladies were the "top of the bill" during the "Back to 538" party in Uithuizen, NL. They gave a great performance before an ecstatic audience of 2000. The singers and their entourage really appreciated the efforts of Bas Bosman (the organizer) and his team to make this event possible. 

Here are pictures of the show (credits: David Hay Gibson, Egbert, Ada):


Backstage pictures: 

Luv' and Bas Bosman

Videos posted by Bram Boelens on Facebook

You're the Greatest Lover (Live)

Luv' Medley (Live)

Source: Facebook

samedi 16 septembre 2017

Marga, Ger & Dyon in Privé

The latest issue of Privé magazine features an article about Dutch celebrities (including Luv' singer Marga Scheide with Ger Valkenburg and Dyon Hagenaars (of DC Models) who attended Ronald Kolk's fashion show at the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noorwijk, NL on September 5th. 

To see more pictures of Marga, Ger and Dyon at this glamorous event, click here

Source: Privé / Facebook (Ger Valkenburg)